There’s nothing like a nice mountain retreat. Fresh air, the sounds of nature, a babbling brook, a hike through the woods….but what about your dogs? Or your cats? Wouldn’t they like to enjoy the mountains as well?

Look no further than Sliding Rock Cabins. They offer numerous cabins that are pet friendly in the Ellijay area. I’ve personally taken all of my dogs (5!) and at one point, also brought along my adorable foster beagle (makes 6!!) to several different Sliding Rock Cabins.

Many of their cabins have fenced yards, and that’s awesome. On top of it, there are dog treats, dog beds, pet bowls, a litter box (bring your own litter), a few dog toys and they charge nothing extra for you to bring your pets. You really can’t beat it!

Their website is and I suggest you check them out now! Did I mention that most cabins also have a hot tub? 😉

Ellijay Pet Friendly Cabins

cabin2 cabin3 cabin4 cabin5



Valerie Hahn

Valerie Hahn

Professional pet sitter and animal lover in Lawrenceville, GA. I live with my dog, Gizmo and my cat, Buffy. I love and respect all animals.
Valerie Hahn

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